The beauty of being heard

Admittedly, I was on drugs (painkillers) today but/and yet talking > to people I love > about what’s going on for me > in a language that makes sense to my cosmology, was all it took to fill me with happy energy otherwise called JOY! I know “they” say, all you have to do is […]

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Blame + Surrender in Relationship compare

Blame + Surrender in Relationships part 2

Being blamed for being (or having) what others think they aren’t (or don’t have) is not uncommon. We probably don’t realise how much we compare ourselves to those around us, to those in our field (including people on television and social media). In fact, it becomes so invisible that we think our dislike of these people with their happy faces […]

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The Rearrangement of Things

The diversity of ways one can focus on what else is going on is almost an unknowable number. It is an unending thread that leads us around the world and back again as all genders, in all times, under all conditions. Such is the nature of oneness rearranging itself to be everyone and everything that can be known-thought-believed-argued or created… […]

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