The Rearrangement of Things
November 21, 2016

There is something to be said for the re-arrangement of things. As if all that we know or have, has been with us, no matter what, throughout the ages only found in a different...

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Because I Love You As You Are
November 20, 2016

A new teacher gives the third grade an assignment and lets the students pair themselves up. Two boys present a talk with crude remarks and largely inappropriate content. After...

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November 19, 2016

I realise the focus of many business building campaigns is on the marketing you/we put out into the world. While that's important, it's also possible that there is no real...

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the Art versus Practise of Writing
July 12, 2016

[dropcap type="default"]A[/dropcap] Fly in the Ointment by Melanie Brockwell. It's a piece I'm working on for uni (I think). The truth is, I never know what it is until it is what...

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