John Carter
It’s Tuesday morning. John and I are good to go for our Skype session!

John (& Annie) have had the flu for a few weeks so as we started talking about the state of awareness called “sick” that focuses upon what we can’t do, what isn’t happening, and trying to see the benefit of feeling this way versus being present to what is happening from the perspective of fascination, our conversation meandered from a state of acceptance to the choice to suffer.

Analysis versus exploration. Thinking of the benefits or the reasons = analysis. Whereas being present to sensation in it’s wholeness – including everything that’s going on in one stream of awareness – without assuming or labelling anything = exploration.

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Intro: Being “Sick”

Part One: Meditation @ 17:00

Part Two: Being Present @ 27:27

Part Three: Asking Qs @ 31:00

Part Four: Damanhur Meditations @ 32:50

Part Five: No Assumptions @ 41:00

Part Six: Previous Life? Previous Energy? @ 42:30

Part Seven: Exploration & Acceptance @ 50:20

Part Eight: Unique Relationship @ 52:35

Part Nine: Reasonable Communication @ 55:49

Part Ten: Choosing to Suffer @ 56:33