The first single from the band’s 1992 album Happy Hour, ‘Detachable Penis’ caught the attention of all those who hadn’t heard rude words on radio before. I was sixteen. Un.fortunately I wasn’t new to cursing in music. Being a fan of protest songs, I was already familiar with N.W.A., Rage Against the Machine and Pantera (who all had swear words in their music).

But it’s the music as much as the protest that really grabbed me. The spooky-eerie-other-worldlyness of music and singing style that I recognised from my own internal soundtrack.

Want to talk about human angels, oneness and synchronicity? Then I'm your gal! Re-writing the book on what it means to simply be. Fellow & Founder of Heart Alchemy the non-linear now of not knowing. Curious Compassion // Inclusive Leadership // Intuitive Activism. Oh my!
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